12 Year Old Girl In Hot Water After A Giraffe And Posing With It

Via: Likes.com

1. Hunter Girl

A 12 year old girl has been getting death threats because of her photo she posted about a giraffe and impala she hunted and posed with.

2. Pre Teen

Aryanna Gourdin is from Utah and recently she went on an African hunting trip. She took down some big animals , including a giraffe and impala, and was proud to show her accomplishment on social media. She has been getting lots of criticism on the internet, as well as death threats.

3. Dont Care

Aryanna doesn't let the criticism get to her. “It’s something that I cherish and I enjoy and I want other people to see what I’ve been able to experience,” she said on Good Morning America recently, defending her hunting trip to South Africa.

4. Comments Galore

Aryanna received more than 70,000 comments about her posted picture. Some were positive, but more were negative. One person wrote, "you and your redneck father should be hunted."

5. Enthusiastic

Aryanna is so enthusiastic about her experience, she just wants to share it with other people. “I want other women and youth to get into the hunting experiences,” she told GMA.

6. Father And Daughter

Aryanna has enormous respect for life and for the animals. “It’s just awesome. We [hunters] love animals too. It’s just, we also love hunting.”

7. Big Game

While it may be abhorrent to many people to hunt animals, these animals yield enough meat that will feed an entire village for many weeks. The money they paid to go on the trip also goes to animal conservation.