Hilariously Accurate Comics of How A Dog Will Change Your Life

1. Coming From A Long Work Day

Say goodbye to coming home to a peaceful and clean home. Say hello to coming home to a best friend who needs a walk, potty break and made a mess!

2. All Things Electronics

Start buying two of everything electonic. Fido will always find a way to make electronics (espcially cords) his new chew toy.

3. Clean Cubbies Begone

Want to leave things neatly tucked away? Your best friend thinks this is a search and rescue game for his buddies!

4. Car Rides

Remember the feeling of a clean car ride? Those days are over. Right turn, left turn, paw prints everywhere guaranteed!

5. Table For One

Meal time becomes a "Paws Off" stare down! Still, with everthing that our furry little friend take away, it's the loyal life-long friendship that makes it all worth it! Do you agree?