Mom Tapes Her 2 Middle Toes Together For A Reason I Never Expected. This Can Help Anyone

1. Use Cornmeal To Clean Suede

Who would have thought that cornmeal could be so useful? Simply rub it on the shoe to get out stubborn stains.

2. Soak Shoes In Vinegar

A great way to get rid of smelly odors on shoes is to soak the shoes in white vinegar. This will completely get rid of the smell.

3. A Nail File Will Get Rid Of Scratches And Stains

Scratches and stains are pretty much inevitably going to appear on your shoes. But with the simple use of a nail file, you can get rid of them as fast as they appear.

4. Deal With Smell By Using Baking Soda

Baking soda has so many different uses, and it turns out it can also be used to keep your shoes clean. Just load some soda in the soles of the shoes and leave it for a while.

5. Rubbing Alcohol Cleans Leather

Rubbing Alcohol is a great thing to use when cleaning leather. Using a q-tip, you can get rid of even the toughest stains.

6. Toothpaste? No Way

This one is crazy! You can use toothpaste to clean the white parts of your shoes. Amazing!

7. Use Petroleum Jelly To Clean Patent Leather

Patent Leather shoes are very easy to take care of, but did you know that you can use petroleum jelly to clean them? It really gives them a shiny look.