Princess Diana Facts Worth Remembering

1. Kindergarten Teacher

Before she became a princess, she was a Kindergarten teacher. She had also worked as a babysitter before that.

2. Dreams Of Becoming A Ballerina

She dreamed of becoming a ballerina when she was little. However, she got tall and awkward.

3. Her Sister Dated Him First

Diana's sister was actually the first one to date Prince Charles. Diana got sloppy seconds.

4. Engaged At 19

She was engaged when she was just 19 years old... That's pretty young.

5. Terrible Student

She was actually a terrible student. She failed her final exams more than once, and joked about how stupid she was.

6. Hated Tiaras

She hated wearing tiaras. That's because they gave her headaches.

7. Couldn't Cook

She could not cook for the life of her. The in-house cook said no matter how hard she tried, she would always fail.