This Unique Creature Is Becoming A Huge Star On Social Media. One Look And You'll See Why

1. Tucker

This 3 year old dog is an albino Chihuahua / Miniature Pinscher mix that also has MPS IV, causing numerous health issues and deformities.

2. Cloudy Eyes

His eyes are cloudy, which impairs his vision, making hard to get around certain obstacles.

3. Looks Like A Bat

In some pictures, Tucker looks like a bat, but he is all dog.

4. Love

He and his mom are in love, living in Los Angeles, and he is quite the social media star.

5. Goggles

The goggles help Tucker see outdoors in the bright light, hence his Instagram name, @tuckerwearsgoggles.

6. Big Spirit

Tucker is a big spirit in a tiny dog.

7. MPS

MPS doesn't just affect dogs, it affects humans too, and Tucker gives support and a cuddle to those who are suffering from the condition, brightening their days.