Unbelievable 3D Drawings

1. What a Tongue!

It doesn't matter how long we glance at this drawing, we certainly can't work out how this artist achieved such a realistic illusion!

2. Folding Time

It may look like it, but the page isn't being folded - it's simply the illusion of the 3D drawing!

3. Take a Seat

Take a seat and relax. This elf with a menacing smile won't hurt you - he's only a drawing after all! We had to look twice at this image because it's just so realistic.

4. Magnified Talent

It takes a lot of talent to not only draw a realistic magnifying glass, but to also recreate the magnifying glass' effect. We're super impressed!

5. Scorpion About!

There's a scorpion about! Before you go freaking out though, this is only a 3D drawing of the animal - Phew!

6. Climbing Stairs

This building may seem to be a three-dimensional object, but it's simply a drawing on a one dimensional piece of paper! Crazy, huh?

7. Birds of a Feather

This drawing is so realistic that the bird has come to life, ready to fly away! This is definitely one of our favorite sketches.

8. Squashed!

We don't know why this bee is flying along so carefree...His friend just got squashed by a fly-swatter!

9. Peek-a-Boo

How awesome is this 3D sketch?! We absolutely love the quirky character that this artist has created.

10. Greek Ruins

This drawing has us amazed beyond belief! We don't even know how this level of illusion can be achieved, but one thing is for certain - this artist blows our mind!

11. The Crater

We love this 3D drawing of a crater and flowing water - it takes a lot of talent to achieve this!

12. Eraser, Sir!

This drawing came to life just to give it's artist the eraser - Realistic AND polite!

13. Unleashing Monsters

This artist's 3D drawing is so realistic that it came to life! He doesn't look too friendly though...

14. Grim Reaper

Yikes! Before you panic, this is only a 3D drawing! We promise you that the artist does not have a skeletal hand...

15. Floating Shapes

We love this awesome and realistic floating shapes illusion! Only a few artists are talented enough to pull this one off!